Ranoh Island Batam Tour Packages

Ranoh Island Batam Tour Packages


Ranoh Island Batam Tour Packages – One Day Tour Package Pulau Ranoh Batam is a hit among Riau Island Traveler Especially for Foreign Traveler Especially singapore Traveler . What Makes Ranoh Islands Tour famous is the Natural Beauty of this Island. Ranoh Island Adventure Packages combines Marine Tourism with Adventures Tourism. So it’s not surprising that Ranoh Island Adventure Package is very popular with tourists nowadays. How to get to Ranoh Island Trip ? How much does it cost to the island of Ranoh Batam? What is the price to Ranoh Island Trip ? . No worry, We are here to serve friends who want to Ranoh Islands Tour with cheap and affordable prices. Friends Friends travelers can take a one-day vacation at Ranoh Islands. Or want to feel a stay at the charming Ranoh Island Resort. Whatever your vacation plans are on Pulau Ranoh , Batam, please contact Amanah Transporter 328.

How to Get to Ranoh Islands Batam

Ranoh Beach, located on Ranoh Island. This island is still in the same Area as Abang Island. More precisely, this small island is located right between Big Abang Island and Little Abang Island, sandwiched between the two. So to get to the Pulau Ranoh from Batam, use land and sea transportation. To get to Ranoh we must first drive from Batam to the Port of Labun Island on the 6 Barelang Bridge. we can use private vehicles or chartered cars for about 70 minutes. after arriving at the port of Labun Island we will ride a speed boat with a capacity of 70 or 15 passengers. It takes about 20 minutes to sail the sea to arrive at Ranoh Islands.

Price One Day Tour Ranoh Island Adventure Package

For one day tour Ranoh Islands , the traveler is charged with 4 Price-schemes that can be adjusted with a budget traveler. The following prices are Ranoh One Day Trip

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Package A Rp 600.000 / person


Price includes:

  • Ferry ticket from Ranoh  Island port to Ranoh Round Trip.
  • Snorkeling and Equipment
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Lunch
  • Welcome Drink
  • All non-motorized vehicle facilities


Price Excludes:

  • Transportation from Hotels / Ports / Airports / Houses in Batam
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenditures


Info Dan Pemesanan Pulau Ranoh :


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Harga Tiket Masuk Pulau Ranoh

Package B Rp 500.000 / person


Price includes:

  • Ferry ticket from Ranoh  Island port to Ranoh Round Trip.
  • Lunch
  • Welcome Drink
  • All non-motorized vehicle facilities


Price Excludes:

  • Transportation from Hotels / Ports / Airports / Houses in Batam
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenditures


Package D Rp 1.000.000 / person (1 night stay)


Price includes :

  • Ferry ticket from Ranoh  Island port to Ranoh Island Round Trip .
  • Entrance ticket & all non-machine games.
  • 1x lunch, 1x breakfast, 1x dinner .
  • Welcome Drink .
  • Snorkeling and Equipment.
  • Stay 1 night in Bung bed (1 room 13 pax) or tent (1 room 2 pax)


Price Excludes:

  • Transportation from Hotels / Ports / Airports / Houses in Batam
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenditures


One Day Tour Ranoh Island Adventure Package Itinerary


  • 09:30 Boarding Pass at Harbour by showing the booking code obtained by Travel Agent
  • 10:00 The ship left for Ranoh Rulau
  • 10:20 Boat Arrived to Ranoh Islands.
  • 10:30 Welcome and immediately play at the beach
  • 12:00 Lunch Schedule
  • 13:00 Back to play at the beach
  • 15:00 guests Clean up To get Ready Go Home
  • 16:00 the ship began to deliver guests back to the 6 Barelang Bridge



Pulau Ranoh Activities And Facilities

  • Watersport Activity
  • Single canoe
  • Double canoe
  • Inflatable island
  • Fat Boy
  • Trendy floating
  • Water park

Land Activity in Pulau Ranoh Batam

  • Arrows / archery
  • Chess and Chinese chess
  • Darts
  • Mahjong
  • Frisbees
  • Volleyball and beach soccer
  • Hammocks, beach chairs and umbrellas, and bean bags.
  • Restaurant, toilet and bathroom

Terms and Conditions for Ranoh One Day Trip Package:


How to order Ranoh Island Adventure Packages :

  • For reservations can contact Andy: +628122244328.
  • When Booking Has Been Agreed: Number of Participants, Tour Duration, and Tour Package Prices.
  • Bookings are made no later than 10 days before the implementation of the tour in the Low Season and 30 days before the implementation in the High Season.

Package Booking Policy Pulau Ranoh Adventure Packages :

  • Ranoh Islands Tour Package Booking, We declare Binding (Legitimate) and our obligation to carry out After the Guest pays 50% Deposit (Fifty Percent) Of Total Transaction Package Tour.
  • Payment Can Be Via Bank Transfer Or Directly At Our Office.
    Payment Via Bank Transfer To Bank Mandiri accounts 0060010725350 A/n: Andy Mardi Hidayat
  • After Payment We Will Provide Receipt as Proof of Transaction.
  • Full Payment is made 1 day before the Tour.
  • When making a Payment, we consider guests to accept all Booking Policies

Tour Package Cancellation Policy Ranoh Island Adventure Packages :

  • Guest cancels the Tour Activity Agreement 6 Days Prior to the Tour Day Pulau Ranoh Batam, We Will Return the Deposit Money 50% (Fifty Percent) of the total deposit paid.
  • If cancels the Tour Activity Agreement 3 Days Prior to the Tour Day, then we declare a Deposit Money.
  • When 6 Days Before Ranoh Island Batam Tour Packages is held, there will be participants unable to leave, we will deduct 50% of the price per person.
  • If 3 Days Before Ranoh Island Adventure Packages is held, there will be participants unable to leave, then we will deduct 80% of the price per person.
  • If there is a participant who is unable to leave due to illness before Ranoh Island Adventure Packages , then we will deduct 50% of the price per person.
  • Force Majeure is a condition where the implementation of activities cannot be carried out as a result of an event that is not able to be overcome by the Amanah Transporter Tour Planner 328 (natural disasters, bad weather, riots, sabotage, government regulations, etc.). In this condition, it is necessary to have a conversation again between the two parties.

Travel Party Obligations:

  • Providing Sea Transportation To and Return of Ranoh Island Adventure Packages
  • Providing lunch according to package
  • Carry out tour activities safely.


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