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Event Organizer Tanjungpinang And Bintan

Event Organizer Bintan

Event Organizer ( EO ) – Outbound – Amazing Race in Tanjung Pinang And Bintan

Event Organizer Atau ( EO ) , Team Building Bintan , Amazing Race Bintan Amanah Transporter is ready to facilitate your Corporate Event activities in Tanjung Pinang , Bintan Island . We Also Serve Event Organizer ( EO ) In Terempa , Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang , Natuna , Anambas , Dabo Singkep , Karimun And All Riau Island Area . We are one of the best Event Organizer Organizers And MICE Services on Bintan Island. One of our most ordered products is Outbound Bintan Production . Our Outbound Package is supported by experienced and certified Game instructors In Bintan Or Tanjung Pinang. Besides that we are very experienced in holding Fullboard Meetings. We have handled many companies and Government agencies in organizing Annual Meetings or coordination meetings on Bintan Island.

Whatever Your Event Needs on Bintan Island, Amanah Transporter Event Organizer Bintan And Tanjung Pinang  Are Ready to make it a success. Just Contact Us If You Need MICE Services ( Jasa MICE ) , Event Planner ,  or Event Organizer In Bintan or Tanjung Pinang .


1. FullBoard Meeting Package

Fullboard Meeting Packages Will Facilitate your meeting activities in Bintan. We Have Collaboration with Hotels in Tanjung Pinang and Bintan which have Meeting Place Facilities with sufficient capacity to accommodate the number of participants up to 500 people. For Fullboard Meeting Purposes, we will prepare all meeting needs, starting from the Sound System, Projectors, MC, Goody Bag, Hotel Rooms, Coffee Break, Breakfast Lunch, and other needs . Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang and Bintan Island Will make Your Event Great .

Fullboard Meeting Bintan

2. Team Building , Outbound Bintan and Amazing Race Package

The Team Building , Outbound Bintan and Amazing Race Package from Amanah Transporter is the best on Bintan Island. With the support of experienced and certified instructors , we guarantee will create a festive atmosphere during the event. Team Building is often done by the Company to enhance cooperation between personnel and between divisions in the Office. It is hoped that after doing team building , the company will have a new enthusiasm to achieve the targets set by the company.

Outbound Bintan dan Team Building Bintan

3. Gala Dinner Package With Official Events

The Gala Dinner Package is one of our packages that is never empty of enthusiasts. Almost every month, many companies and agencies from Pekanbaru, Padang, Jambi and Jakarta conduct coordination meetings which are always closed with a Gala Dinner. Which of the Gala Dinner Opportunities Company management can explain the conclusions of the Meeting results to achieve the Company’s targets going forward.

event Organizer - Gala Dinner Bintan - Tanjung Pinang


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Why Choose Us As Your Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang And Bintan :

1. Our Business Profile Is Clear.

Profile Amanah Transporter Tour Planner 328 Can be easily traced on Social Media. We Are Members of Halal Travel Consortium and Official Agent of Cheria Holiday Jakarta. We Are Under The Management Of CV. Amanah Transporter Tour And Travel .

2 Has a Broad Network

We have representatives in several cities in Indonesia. Making it easier for our clients to ensure the smooth running of their holidays. We are Halal Travel Consortium Indonesia Members with more than 1000 Tour And Travel Members and My Trip Indonesia Consortium Members.

3 Trusted and safe Reputation

We have all Social Media Accounts, and our Company Profile in carrying out tour activities has never been involved in Legal issues related to Fraud.

4 Having an experienced crew

All of our Crews are experienced in organizing tours in the Bintan area and other regions. So we guarantee that your vacation with us will be memorable.

Our Office And Representative Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang – Bintan Address :


Tanjung Pinang :

Jln. Ganet Km 11 Perumahan Bukit Raya Blok Merbabu No 11 Rt 06 Rw 11

Kelurahan  : Pinang Kencana

Kecamatan : Tanjung Pinang Timur

Tanjung Pinang – Kepulauan Riau


Kantor Penjualan Jakarta : 

Jln. Mede No 5 Rt 01 Rw 08

Kelurahan   : Utan Kayu Utara

Kecamatan  : Matraman

Jakarta Timur – DKI Jakarta 13120

Telp : 021 210 12324


Outbound Bintan – Amazing Race Bintan – Team Building Bintan Galery 

Gala Dinner in Bintan - Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang

Amazing Race Bintan - Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang

Outbond Bintan - Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang

Paket Team Building , Outbond , dan Amazing Race Bintan

Team Building Bintan - Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang

Amazing Race Bintan - Team Building Bintan - Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang

Event Organizer - Team Building - Outbound Bintan - MICE Services

Team Building Bintan - Amazing Race Bintan

Jasa MICE , Amazing Race Bintan with Team building

Outbound Bintan - Amazing Race dan Event Organizer Bintan

Event Organizer Bintan - Amazing Race Tanjung Pinang - Even Organizer Tanjung Pinang

Amazing Race Bintan - Event Organizer Bintan - MICE Tanjung Pinang

Team Building Bintan , MICE , Event Organizer Tanjung Pinang


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